About Jane


I haven’t always been a Chandler (Candle Maker) but I have always been intrigued by our sense of smell and how it can evoke strong memories and emotions. I have an ability to be able to distinguish the various components of scents which enables me to advise on the selection of a fragrance for a particular person or occasion. These skills ensure I can produce a unique and perfect scent style for each of my clients, which will last in their memories for ever.

Having travelled the globe in my early twenties, I love different cultures but these days have a penchant for travelling 5*. Since my journey began with scents, I have been transported back to many a destination through smell. I love great food but hate to excercise, give me a fast car over any shoes and I love sport if it involves a large hat and of course…….champagne.
Skills The last thirty five years I have worked mainly in the Hair and Beauty Industry. Working all over the world as a Technical Consultant, working in management and running my own businesses. Briefly the proprietor of a Ladies Boutique and have experience in Property Development. My creative skills and business acumen bring me to where I am today.

Hand poured for you

Hand pouring all products individually, I pride myself on using only the finest ingredients. The fragrance oils manufactured by leading fragrance houses and  to IFRA standards.
European in style, with an emphasis on luxury and premium.
Every product produced is fully compliant with the required legislation. Est 2016The business started out under the name ‘Champagne and Flamingos’ like alot of creatives, my kitchen was my workshop. I have since built the business and now have a fabulous studio situated on the edge of the Peak District. I love adding an extra special touch to weddings, helping businesses to stand out from their competitiors and making homes more inviting.  I also offer 1 to 1 training to people looking to build their own Home Fragrance Business.