act of smelling – sense of smell

Unlike any other sense, our sense of smell links directly to our limbic system, the area of the brain most closely associated with memory and emotion.
Every day we are permanently linking our experiences to smell, which will continue to evoke emotional responses within us for ever.

Jane Helliwell

I haven’t always been a Chandler (Candle Maker) but I have always been intrigued by our sense of smell and how it can evoke strong memories and emotions.

I have an ability to be able to distinguish the various components of scents which enables me to advise on the selection of a fragrance for a particular person or occasion.

These skills ensure I can produce a unique and perfect scent style for each of my clients, which will last in their memories for ever.

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Scenting Weddings & Occasions

Imagine a wedding where everything has its own signature scent designed to evoke powerful emotions and memories, not just for the happy couple but for their guests too.

Signature Scent for Interiors

Personalise your home with a signature scent, infuse with finesse for a lasting impression.

Scent Marketing

Grow your business with a signature scent Improve the customer experience, increase sales, stronger bonds and build your brands identity. 

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Planning The Perfect Scented Wedding 

Imagine a wedding where everything has its own signature scent designed to evoke powerful emotions and memories not just for the happy couple, but for your guests too.
When we inhale scent it travels through the nasal cavity and up to our limbic system, a part of the brain that controls emotions, memory and learning. We link experiences to smell every day, this link is permanent and why certain smells conjure up memories that are so vivid they feel real.
Selecting a signature scent adds its own touch of luxury, uplifting guests and creating an emotional reminder of the joy of a wedding.
This guide will help you to weave scents throughout your wedding from day to night, adding ambience with flickering candles, along with subtle scents from diffusers, scenting linens with atomisers and adding natural elements with florals and foliage.
An expert in scenting weddings since 2018, having articles written in the press and hosting masterclasses, I truly love helping couples make their weddings even more meaningful and unforgettable with a unique addition—scent! By infusing scents into your wedding that you love, you create powerful emotions and lasting memories for all of your guests.
This planner ensures that every couple can experience the joy that scent can bring to their special day.

18 month wedding planner

A guide to scenting your very own wedding

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Listen to the radio interview 

The Scent Styling Company, a pioneer in the realm of fragrance, recently took centre stage on BBC Radio West Country to delve into the captivating topic of how scent influences our emotions. With an insightful interview that unravelled the intricate connection between scent and mood, we explored the power of fragrance to uplift, soothe, and transport us to different realms of experience.
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